Staff of the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit


Andreas Wanke

Administrative Staff

Director of the Unit, Coordinator of Sustainability and Energy Management

Telephone+49 30 838 52254

Melanie Thie

Administrative Staff

Sustainability Management, Energy Controlling, Green IT

Telephone+49 30 838 57551

Nora Nording

Administrative Staff

Sustainability Management, Sustainability Teams, International Sustainability Networks

Telephone+49 30 838 61395

Wolfgang Ackermann

Administrative Staff

Environmental Management, Environmental Audits, Waste Management Officer, Special Waste Disposal

Telephone+49 30 838 55884

Holger Bertram

Administrative Staff

Special Waste Disposal (hazardous matter), Waste Water Analysis

Telephone+49 30 838 52655

Julian Reckin

Administrative Staff

Special Waste Disposal (bulky waste, e-waste), Waste Registers, and Documentation

Telephone+49 30 838 56782

Jörg Gröger

Work, health and environmental management

Telephone+49 30 838 60398