The Sustainability and Energy Management Unit

At a large university with almost 40,000 students, protecting our natural resources must be more than just research and teaching, which is why, in 2004, Freie Universität Berlin committed itself to ensuring climate and environmental protection in all of its internal processes.

The coordinator of the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit is responsible for the strategic and operative development of energy and environmental management, as well as managing the Energy and Environment Unit. In addition to energy management, which plays a key role with regard to operational environmental impact and costs, our most important tasks include waste and water management, as well as advising and assisting members of the university.

An overview of our fields of activity can be found here.

The Sustainability and Energy Management Unit is anchored to the Executive Board of Freie Universität. Other important fields of activity include the coordination of the environment teams in a total of 11 departments, the systematic implementation of building inspections and audits, the green IT action programme in collaboration with ZEDAT, and participation in SUSTAIN IT! the initiative for sustainability and climate protections, co-founded by the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit .

Furthermore, we are also involved in various climate and environmental protection networks, both within and outside the university. These include: regular meetings for energy officials from Berlin universities organised by the federal state of Berlin; the working group Universities and Sustainability, who work on behalf of the round table for the implementation of the UN Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” in Germany; the environment network at universities and research institutes in the Berlin Brandenburg district; the European universities initiative UGAF (UNICA Green Academic Footprint), which in turn is part of the UNICA Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe; and the ‘Schools at University’ sustainability and climate protection initiative that takes place biannually at the Free University. An overview of the networks can be found here.

Our team will happily offer advice and support about the subject of energy and environment. Just give us a call or contact us at sustainability(at)fu-berlin.