St. Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg State University was founded in 1724 by Peter I the Great and is among the oldest universities in Russia. Today, 32,000 students at 20 faculties are instructed by 6000 teachers. At the university 4000 graduate students and postdocs conduct research.

Freie Universität cooperates with different faculties of Saint Petersburg State University since 1968 and signed in 2012 a contract on a strategic partnership.

German-Russian Interdsciplinary Science Center

Saint Petersburg State University and Freie Universität founded the German-Russian Interdisciplinary Science Center, which supports interdisciplinary research in natural sciences. As a center of excellence it is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and conducts binational programs in the area of physics, geophysics, physical chemistry, and mathematics.

The program provides mobility and sur place scholarships, which are granted to Russian and German outstanding students and scientists for short-term research stays and teaching. Beyond that, research workshops and summer schools are sponsored.

Further information:

Exchange of researchers and students

Saint Petersburg State University and Freie Universität Berlin have signed an agreement on exchange of researchers and students (information in German).