Russian Companies Enter Germany

Russian Companies Enter German Market – how Russian companies function on the German market

News from Sep 05, 2011

A current survey of the German Center for Market Entry shows that Russian companies on the German market are represented mainly on a very professional level. But many still lack one thing: a good image and intercultural understanding.

When people speak of direct investments from BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), public interest is usually focused on China. At the same time out of all the BRIC countries, Russia is the world’s largest provider of direct investments – in Germany, too. By the end of 2009 Russian companies have made investments of $300 bln worldwide, with $7 bln invested in Germany, and the trend is going upwards. Around 1600 Russian companies in various fields are represented in Germany. On the global level certain large energy, commodity, and metal affiliated groups dominate the majority of the Russian direct investments and thus the image of Russian companies.

German Center for Market Entry

The German Center for Market Entry (GCME) was founded as an affiliate of Freie Universität Berlin in the summer of 2010. GSME specializes in the internationalization of emerging markets companies. It is a competence center and provides surveys on its own initiative and also on demand. It studies the economic, legal, and cultural aspects of market entry for foreign companies with respect to Germany and the EU.  At the same time the acquired knowledge is being put to practical use through a wide range of consultancy and project management activities aimed at successful German market entry for foreign companies.


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