Alina Vagapova

Alina Vagapova

Name: Vagapova Alina Ravil’evna

Thesis title: «Water resources and their influence on the socio-economic and ecological state in the basin of the Shu river»

Country: Kazakhstan

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Education background:

  • Modern University for the Humanities -Moscow, 08/2004 – 01/2008, extension department, bachelor of existing markets, financial and information flows, Industrial and research processes;
  • Kazakh scientific research institute of water economy - Taraz, 1997-2000, postgraduate course in "Geoecology";
  • Zhambyl Institute of Light and Food industry - Zhambul, 1987-1992, department of Chemical Technology, construction engineer.

Work Experience:

  • Present time Kazakh National Technical University After K.I. Satpayev (Almaty), hydrogeology and engineering geology department, senior teacher;
  • Kazakh scientific research institute of water economy (Taraz), 12/1992 – 09/2013, scientific employee.