Dahlem Humanities Center (DHC)

The Dahlem Humanities Center (DHC) reflects the full breadth of the humanities research conducted at Freie Universität Berlin, which is unique among German universities in pursuing such a broad spectrum of topics. It creates an overarching interdisciplinary research framework to accommodate this wealth of disciplines and activities: the study of the outward manifestations, principles, and functions of cultural dynamics.

The Dahlem Humanities Center established two networks that are essential to its mission. First, a range of workshops and conferences forms the basis for close cooperation with independant research institutions and cultural institutions in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Second, the cooperative arrangements already in place between the DHC and humanities centers at outstanding American, European, and Asian universities highlight the center’s highly developed international focus. This approach also promises to provide groundbreaking impetus for the entire field of humanities research in Berlin.

Information about the Focus Area is presented in an information brochure. Print versions of all the focus area brochures are available in German and English and can be obtained from the DHC, the Center for Research Strategy (CRS), or the Office of News and Public Affairs.


Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Paul Nolte

Project Coordinator: Katja Heinrich, Tel. +49 30 838-55057

Project Administrator: Christina Baehr

For more information, please see the DHC website.