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Plans for Future Development

Früh Grundlagen für wissenschaftliche Exzellenz schaffen: Die Freie Universität räumt der Nachwuchsförderung eine besondere Rolle ein.
Foundations for academic excellence: Educating young talent has a special role at Freie Universität Berlin. Image Credit: Peter Himsel

In the follow-up proposal “Veritas – Justitia – Libertas. International Network University Freie Universität Berlin,” the further development of networks is crucial.

Freie Universität transfers its core values – Veritas, Justitia, Libertas – into the future development of academic networks, thereby meeting the challenges of a globalized world while creating a solid foundation for high-quality research activities at the university. Existing networks in the areas of research, internationalization, and support for young researchers will be extended and intensified.

Focusing Research

Because of the success of the five Focus Areas set up so far, more will be established in the near future. The Center for Cluster Development (CCD) enjoys an excellent reputation as a competent partner within the Berlin-Brandenburg research community. It was commissioned by the Berlin Senate to analyze cooperative relations in the region.

Regional Networks

The three priorities of the first funding period will be complemented by a fourth, regional, component: guided by the research interests and activities of its researchers, Freie Universität will consolidate and strengthen its networks within the Dahlem research campus by coop-erating with selected non-university institutions in the region.

Privileged Partnerships

Privileged partnerships (“Primary Partnerships”) with outstanding institutions worldwide will raise the quality of international cooperation among universities. To date, privileged partnerships exist with Beijing University (“Beida”) and Hebrew University. A Strategic University Network (KoreaNet) connects Freie Universität with five Korean Universities.

Promoting Young Researchers

Promoting young researchers plays in important role: Freie Universität wants to secure excellence in academics and research from early on, to foster and support young researchers in critical phases of their careers, and to attract outstanding postdocs to the university.

Career Path Model

The network’s regional and international dimensions are closely interlocked and are crucial for supporting junior researchers through the career path model. In the first round of proposals, the support for junior researchers focused on doctoral programs. The measures introduced through the career path model encompass the development of a career in higher education, starting with the doctorate and ending with the professorship. The three strategic centers each take on profile-specific tasks in the implementation of the model.