Funding for International Projects

At Freie Universität, next to the support by individual departments, numerous central funding opportunities are available for international projects and cooperations:

Joint projects with the strategic partners of Freie Universität are funded with an annual budget of € 50.000. For these funds, the Center for International Cooperation publicizes separate annual calls.

Research workshops with an international focus are also funded regularly. Based on the principle of “matching funds”, these funds are advertised jointly with our renowned partners worldwide. Calls for these funds are publicized separately.

Without calls or deadlines and at any time, eligible university staff can apply for funds via a simple form. This way, Freie Universität mainly funds projects aimed at initiating new cooperations, attracting qualified research talent, specifically PhD candidates, or at hosting distinct international events to shape the university’s profile.

The FUB-CSC program (since 2009) aims at attracting highly qualified Chinese doctoral candidates, who would like to apply for a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council.