Liaison Offices

Freie Universität maintains a worldwide network of liaison offices.
Freie Universität’s international network includes seven Liaison Offices in Beijing, Brussels, Cairo, New Delhi, New York, Moscow, and São Paulo.


Freie Universität maintains a worldwide network of liaison offices. Their job is to support the university’s researchers in reaching out internationally.

With their regional expertise and local networks, the university’s liaison offices offer the following services:

  • Assistance with identifying suitable foreign cooperation partners and establishing international contacts

  • Support in recruiting junior scholars and scientists, for instance by disseminating information on programs at Freie Universität (e.g. doctoral scholarships and postdoc positions) or, in individual cases, by screening applications

  • Marketing academic and doctoral programs at Freie Universität

  • Publicising new research projects (collaborative research centers, research clusters, etc.) and discoveries stemming from research at Freie Universität (through websites, newsletters, mailing lists, etc.)

  • Assisting researchers from Freie Universität in organizing conferences and other events abroad

  • Providing information on new developments in academia and research in the target countries and regions (such as information on new scholarships, grants, or research programs)

  • Organizing and supporting international alumni activities

The network of Freie Universität comprises seven offices, located in Brussels, Cairo, New Delhi, New York, Moscow, Beijing, and São Paulo. Scientists and scholars from Freie Universität can contact the liaison offices directly at any time. The offices’ academic foci vary by location.

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