Professional Development Program
Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program is based on the broader conception of doctoral education that Training, Coaching and Mentoring will be relevant to future careers. Our offerings focus on the following three qualification components:

gruener kasten  Academic Performance

Academic Performance courses are designed to provide you guidance in obtaining your doctorate and successfully navigating your academic life. On the basis of the principles of research integrity, the workshops hone your reading, writing and teaching skills and support you in publishing and presenting your research and defending your dissertation.

gelber Kasten  Management Competencies

Management Competence courses give you the opportunity to acquire and improve additional skills that complement your academic performance and prepare you to take on responsible positions in your future career. You will find workshops focusing on a range of IT tools, support for motivating and organizing yourself, as well as strategies for improving your networking skills.

roter Kasten  Career Development

Each career path requires individual planning. Our program provides you with courses that support you along the way, from exploring your options and choosing a career path to applying for jobs. Other offerings give you a chance to gain new perspectives by considering economic aspects and public relations.

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