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Dahlem Research School

Die Dahlem Research School bietet exzellente Nachwuchsförderung an.
Dahlem Research School offers excellent conditions for junior researchers. Image Credit: DRS

One of the main objectives of Freie Universität's future development concept of the “International Network University” is advancing the quality of academic education for early stage researchers – doctoral candidates and postdocs. As the Center for Junior Researchers, Dahlem Research School (DRS) has established an overarching framework for structured graduate education. It ensures the academic quality and integrity of its structured doctoral programs and provides comprehensive training for its doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at every stage of their graduate careers.

DRS Doctoral Degree Programs

By promoting research in interdisciplinary and international alliances, Dahlem Research School offers structured doctoral degree programs in a wide range of subject areas as well as a postdoctoral fellowship program for outstanding researchers.

Graduate Schools Funded by the Excellence Initiative

Since graduate schools play a pivotal role in the development of internationally competitive centers of top research,  the graduate schools under the umbrella of Dahlem Research School represent an important aspect of Freie Universität’s strategic efforts to promote and support the next generation of scholars and scientists.

Career Support

Professional Development Program

Junior researchers at DRS benefit from an excellent training and educational environment where they can develop their full potential and achieve their academic goals. The Professional Development Program consists of two core elements: Transferable Skills Training and Career Development. Transferable Skills Training aims to enhance academic performance skills and management competencies beyond the academic training provided by the doctoral program’s disciplinary curriculum. The offerings consist of the following formats: Training, Coaching and Mentoring.

DRS Postdoc Fellowship Programm

Consistent with the university’s institutional strategy, the program's purpose is to reinforce the international dimension of Freie Universität’s research by supporting highly-qualified postdocs from abroad. The DRS Postdoctoral Fellowships Program provides funding for outstanding postdoctoral fellows to conduct their own research project within one of the university’s excellent research groups.

Quality Management

Committed to quality management, Dahlem Research School has established university-wide standards for the highest quality of graduate education by setting goals, basic regulations and guidelines of excellence as well as best practice measures for strong structured doctoral programs. It offers highly competitive, structured doctoral programs and supports established graduate schools and research training groups as well as new initiatives.


Dahlem Research School provides comprehensive support services to its doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

The Welcome Website for international junior researchers provides useful advice and information on all non-academic issues relevant to a research stay at Freie Universität Berlin.

See DRS website for more information.