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Regular Fares and Tickets - BVG

For the Berlin public transportation network (BVG) regular tickets can be purchased at ticket vending machines at the stops, train stations, in streetcars or directly from the bus driver. After purchasing your ticket, it must be validated by inserting it into the stamp machine located next to ticket vending machines.

Depending on your destination, the number of persons accompanying you, and the duration, you have different options for tickets. In the following passage, you will find a short overview on available tickets.

Standard Fare

After validating your ticket it can used on the trains and buses for 2 hours transferring as often as you wish as long as the direction of your travel remains the same.

Please note: If you want to take a bike with you, you have to buy an additional ticket for it.

  • AB € 2.10 (bike € 1.50)
  • BC € 2.40 (bike € 1.70)
  • ABC € 2.80 (bike € 2.00)

Short Trip Ticket

Within the entire public transportation network “short distances” are defined as follows: 3 stations with the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and regional trains or 6 stops by bus or streetcar. Only train-to-train transfers are allowed. If you want to take a bike with you, you have to buy an additional ticket for it. The ticket costs € 1.30 (bike € 1.00).

Day Ticket

If you move around in Berlin a whole day using public transport, you can buy a day ticket which allows you to travel around by bus, streetcar, U-Bahn, S-Bahn and regional trains within Berlin until 03:00 a.m. the day after validation.

  • AB € 6.10 (bike € 4.40)
  • BC € 6.30 (bike € 4.60)
  • ABC € 6.50 (bike € 4.80)

Monthly pass (Monatskarte)

Visitors who stay longer than a month in Berlin and often use public transport are advised to purchase a monthly pass (Monatskarte). This is  more effective and less expensive than buying single tickets. You can purchase the monthly pass either monthly or make a yearly subscription which is cheaper as it costs the price of 10 months. If you pay the amount for a whole year at once, you get another discount. You can apply for subscription at the main train stations (Hauptbahnhof, Alexanderplatz, Zoologischer Garten, Ostbahnhof).

Standard (price per month):

  • AB € 72.00 (bike € 8.50)
  • BC € 73.00 (no monthly bike tickets available)
  • ABC € 88.50 (no monthly bike tickets available)

Reduced rate if you pay only once for a whole year:

  • AB € 670.00
  • BC € 685.00
  • ABC € 830.00