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Berlin Public Transportation - BVG

Public transportation in Berlin is excellent. The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH - BVG - is the public local transportation network of Berlin. Within this local network, you may use any means of public transport: regional trains (RB), regional express trains (RE), city railway (S-Bahn), subway (U-Bahn), streetcars (Straßenbahn), and buses (Bus and Metro-Bus). You just buy one ticket from A to B, irrespective of the means of transportation and regardless of whether and how often you have to change in between (as long as you reach your destination by travelling in one direction).

Berlin and the surrounding areas are divided into three fare zones (A, B and C). Tickets are available for two fare zones (AB or AC) or the entire fare zone (ABC).

  • an AB-ticket is valid within the Berlin city limits and Tegel Airport
  • a BC-ticket is valid in the areas outside of the S-Bahn circle and in the surrounding areas
  • an ABC -ticket is valid in all fare zones

Timetables, routes and maps can be downloaded here (in English).

If you are registered as a doctoral candidate at Freie Universität Berlin and have paid the semester fee, you will automatically receive a student ID which counts as your BVG-ticket  and entitles you to use the local public transportation free of charge.