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Checklist - What to do Before Coming to Berlin

Here is a checklist of the most important things to do while preparing your research stay in Berlin.

All information can also be found in the Information Brochure of Dahlem Research School which can be downloaded here. It will be distributed to all international doctoral candidates of Dahlem Research School member programs upon arrival.

  • Study visa: Apply for a study visa, and, if applicable, including any family members.

  • Documents: Get certified German translations and legalized copies of your certificates (birth, marriage, vaccination, and university degree).

  • Acceptance by your faculty: After being admitted to your doctoral program start the acceptance procedure (Zulassung) for doctoral candidates at your Faculty. This should be done well in advance before arrival in Berlin as it may take several weeks.

  • Enrollment as a student: After you receive acceptance from your Faculty start the enrollment procedure before coming to Berlin. The list of documents needed for enrollment can be found on our website. You must send a signed application form together with all the required documents by mail. Enrollment by Email is not possible.

  • Language requirements: Check the language requirements of your doctoral program and take a basic German language course. A three-week German language course for beginners will take place during Orientation Weeks which will be hosted by Dahlem Research School September 7 - 25. Contact your doctoral program adminstrator for all details.

  • Insurance issues: Plan your travel and health insurance: take out a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home insurance company or take our health insurance after your arrival in Berlin.

  • Check-up: Get a medical and dental check-up and know your medications and prescriptions.

  • Accommodations: Plan your accommodations for the first overnights and look for a permanent place to stay.

  • Family issues: Take care of the formalities for accompanying family members.

  • Money issues: Make sure you have enough money available (ca. 1000 EUR) during your first weeks in Berlin to cover all costs incurred for transportation, rent, deposit on apartment, health insurance, and the semester fee.

  • Proof of finance: If you intend to enter Germany for a longer stay, you have to provide evidence that you have € 585 per month per person. This may be a stipend, a government grant, an official guaran-tee, or a bank account.