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Acceptance by the Faculty

After being admitted to your doctoral program you need to get accepted as a doctoral candidate by your Faculty at Freie Universität Berlin. We suggest you start the acceptance procedure (Zulassung) well in advance before coming to Berlin, as it can often take several weeks.

Please contact the admistration office of your doctoral program for more information and assistance. Depending on the Faculty, you submit your application either to the Registrar’s Office (Prüfungsbüro) or to the Graduation Office (Promotionsbüro) of the respective Faculty. All proofs have to be submitted together with the application. The doctoral admission's committee of the Faculty then decides on the acceptance of each new doctoral candidate. After being accepted to the Faculty, you obtain official status as a doctoral candidate. Only then are you entitled to do your doctorate at Freie Universität Berlin.

Please note: Only after being accepted to the Faculty can you register as a doctoral candidate and enroll as a student.

The Faculty responsible is always the one which your principal supervisor belongs to.

In your application, you have to include the following information:

  • Subject in which the doctorate is sought
  • Provisional working title and written description of your dissertation
  • Written statement on previous doctoral procedures, even if there are none
  • Statement and signature of the principal supervisor
  • Sufficient knowledge of German
  • Curriculum vitae

The minimum prerequisites set by all Faculties are these:

  • A university degree equivalent to the German Diplom or Magister or a Master in a study program related to the field of doctoral research
  • A minimum grade equivalent to the German gut (above average)

At the end of your doctoral research project you write your doctoral thesis. The doctorate regulations state in which language you are allowed to write your thesis. You should check early with your supervisor or the graduation office for the respective regulations. The thesis and an abstract of the thesis have to be submitted to the graduation office of your respective Faculty. With this submission you formally start your examination procedure.