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Dahlem Research School is developing a mentoring program for female doctoral candidates. The focus lies on young women researchers in the humanities and social sciences. They have the largest problems advancing in academia and research, yet tend to stay in the academic system far too long.

Our goal is to support female doctoral candidates in their academic career, but also show alternatives at an early stage.

Currently the mentoring program brings together elements of other DRS offers. In the Transferable Skills Program, we are planning workshops like ‘How male networking works’ or ‘Psychological barriers for women in career planning’. Upcoming Career Talks within this scheme are e.g.:


21.4.2010 „Wissenschaftsmanagement: FU-Verwaltungsleiter“ mit Anja Flender

Zeit und Ort: 16 Uhr s.t., Hittorfstr. 16

6. 5.2010 „Wissenschaftsjournalismus“ mit Dr. Katja Flieger

Zeit und Ort: 16.30 Uhr s.t., Hittorfstr. 16


Mentoring groups and specialized courses will be the next stage.