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Organizing Targeted Training

Whereas the doctoral member programs of Dahlem Research School are responsible for the disciplinary and interdisciplinary training of their doctoral candidates, DRS provides complementary training in key qualifications.

On the one hand these training measures are targeted at optimizing the performance of young researchers in regard to not only quantitative aspects, such as research output but also to the quality of research, e.g. imparting Rules of Good Scientific Practice.

On the other hand, the concept bears in mind that between 80 and 95 % of doctoral graduates will not remain in academia but will seek employment on the non-academic labor market. Therefore, a section of the training program aims at developing appropriate career paths and opportunities meeting the needs of the wider employment market. Individual support with regard to creating personal employability profiles is offered.

The concept consists of five pillars considered essential for the training of future leaders in academia and beyond:

  • Academic Performance
  • Managerial Skills
  • Information Technology
  • Language Skills
  • Professional Development