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Freie Universität Berlin was selected as a university of excellence in the German government’s national Excellence Initiative in 2007. During the second funding round, in June 2012 Freie Universität was again selected as a university of excellence, making it one of six universities in Germany to have gained this seal of approval in both rounds. The award is connected with extensive grant money through 2017. Overall Freie Universität will receive roughly 121 million euros over the next five years to implement its institutional development strategy as well as to set up or continue to operate three clusters of excellence and seven graduate schools where the university is either the host university or one of the involved partners.

Science in dialog with society

Knowledge transfer has been growing in importance at universities and non-university research institutions in recent years and mainly focuses on the transfer of scientific knowledge and technology between research and industry. In contrast, knowledge transfer between research and society – e.g. exhibitions, policy consulting or journalism – still plays a subordinate role. This is particularly applicable to the humanities and social sciences, whose transfer activities are predominantly set at precisely this interface. This conference deals with the question of how such transfer of knowledge into society can be intensified and gain visibility.


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Strong Networks in Research and Teaching

Freie Universität’s institutional strategy focuses on systematically refining its networks in the areas of research, support for early-career researchers, and internationalization.

Excellence Clusters


Cutting-edge Research in Alliances

Freie Universität Berlin participates in four clusters of excellence, where cutting-edge research topics are investigated in interdisciplinary groups together with partners in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Graduate Schools


Good Prospects for Early-career Researchers

Graduate schools with their structured doctoral programs provide young researchers with an outstanding research environment and facilitate early integration into the academic community.