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GermanPLUS+ is a package consisting of two German language and three subject courses, all taught in German and designed to meet the needs and interests of students with advanced German language abilities. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded 20 ECTS credits.

GermanPLUS+ is fully integrated into the FU-BEST structure, cultural activities, and any program services offered to all other FU-BEST students, as well.


GermanPLUS+ participants will gain knowledge and skills that will:

  • enrich and add to their studies back home, be they German Studies or Germany-specific studies within other disciplines

  • sustain their competencies and self-confidence for studying abroad in a German-speaking environment

  • provide them with a competitive edge in pursuing a German Studies or Germany-related academic career


Participants need to have German language skills on the C1 or C2 level, either through formal education or through being a (near-)native speaker. All course assignments and most of the readings will be in German.

German Language Acquisition / Instruction

Depending on their German level at the start of the program, students will take „German C2 (Advanced 2)“ or „DaF unterrichten (Teaching German as a Foreign Language)“ during the first half of the semester and „Wissenschaftliches Schreiben auf Deutsch (Academic Writing in German)“ during the second half. Language courses take place in the morning, Monday through Thursday.

(Please click on the course titles for detailed syllabi.)

Subject Courses / Regional Studies

All GermanPLUS+ students will be enrolled in the following subject courses, which meet once a week for 2.5 hours in the afternoon:

(Please click on the course titles for detailed course descriptions and syllabi.)

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule
Weekly Schedule

Application and Fees

GermanPLUS+ participants pay the regular FU-BEST fees (please click for details) and enjoy all FU-BEST program services. To apply for the package, simply check the appropriate section on our Application Form. For details on the application process, deadlines and other prerequisites apart from the language requirements for GermanPLUS+, please click here.


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