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Connie Voigt



Ms. Voigt was born and raised in the Hanseatic city of Bremen in northern Germany. After completing her M.A. in North American Studies, majoring in American Media Politics, at Freie Universität Berlin, she spent 18 years leading multinational teams across the globe. Ms. Voigt has worked as a television producer based in London for ZDF German TV, EBN European Business News, and MBC Middle East Broadcasting Corporation. After 8 years in London, she moved to Zürich to become the Director of Global Corporate Communications for the airline catering company Gate Gourmet Group before being appointed chief editor of the Swiss HR magazine HR Today. In 2008, she founded Ltd., specializing in systemic goal-oriented business coaching for executives and MBA students. She is guest lecturer for Intercultural Studies at several Swiss colleges and is editor of a handbook on intercultural leadership. Ms. Voigt is a Ph.D. dissertation candidate at Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena.