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Networks are tremendously important when it comes to professional advancement, including – and especially – at institutions of higher education. Women are often underrepresented in traditional alliance-type structures. The women’s representatives and gender equality officers are taking the initiative in creating offerings in this area. There are many different forms of network at Freie Universität, including the meeting of all local women’s representatives and gender equality officers and the Wissenschaftlerinnen-Rundbrief (Women in Science Circular), both of which serve as forums for the exchange of information and ideas.

The ProFiL mentoring program also includes networking among the female scientists and scholars involved in the program as an essential element.
Databases of female experts contain information on women who have earned their doctorates, undergone Habilitation processes, and already been appointed to positions. Female scholars and scientists can and should register in these databases to enhance their visibility.

The databases are used for active searches for suitable women scholars and scientists – which institutions are obligated to carry out when advertising a position or conducting selection processes, according to the Guidelines on the Promotion of Women (Frauenförderrichtlinien) (PDF file, 130 KB) of Freie Universität.
The network of women undergoing Habilitation processes offers an important basis for knowledge transfer and exchanges of information and opinions among women scholars and scientists at Freie Universität.