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Agreement on Goals

At Freie Universität, agreements on specific goals have been entered into since 2000. These agreements are based on factors including the university charters, under which higher education institutions are obligated to enter into agreements on goals in the area of promotion of women with the individual departments. These agreements, which are entered into between the university management and the department or central institute, include the planned approval of professorships and measures to improve support for young scholars, teaching, or internal organization within the department or central institute, but also measures aimed at promoting women and implementation of gender studies. Specific project initiatives typically begin with the departments and the local women’s representatives or gender equality officers. The area of gender equality has a share of 10% in the volume of finances allocated overall via high-profile positions and material resources.

Control Instrument for the Promotion of Women

And yet, agreements on goals are also an appropriate instrument to ensure other factors, such as adequate hiring of women for mid-level positions, updating of plans aimed at promoting the advancement of women, and gender-differentiated data collection. Together with similar requirements for other areas, such as teaching and internal organization, these general agreements, in the form of an outline issued by the university management, become the foundation of the negotiations toward the agreements on goals.
The Chief Gender Equality Officer is involved in the negotiations between the university management and the office of the dean. Deficiencies identified within a department, central institute, or central service in terms of promoting gender studies and the inclusion and advancement of women are, however, discussed with everyone involved. This means that promotion of women and gender studies are no longer exclusively the purview of women’s representatives or gender equality officers, but rather are tasks shared by everyone involved in the institutions in question.