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Center for the Promotion of Women’s and Gender Studies

The task of the Center for the Promotion of Women’s and Gender Studies is to promote and secure the institutionalization of women’s and gender studies at Freie Universität Berlin. The Center’s activities include:

  • Organizing guest lectures, colloquia, and conferences,

  • Participating in the Rhoda Erdmann Program,

  • Promoting activities within the departments and central institutes, particularly by financing selected teaching assignments,

  • Publishing the Agenda, a commentated course catalog on women’s and gender studies that provides an overview of gender studies in the teaching at Freie Universität Berlin,

  • Publishing the results of research in women’s and gender studies in the annual journal Querelles, the online review Querelles-Net, and the “Edition Ergebnisse der Frauen und Geschlechterforschung” (Edition of Results of Research in Women’s and Gender Studies); and

  • Providing information on its homepage about gender studies in Germany, particularly by providing links to relevant databases.