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Center for Gender Studies in Medicine, Berlin

Charité – University Medicine Berlin, the school of medicine operated jointly by Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität, resolved on December 4, 2003, to establish the Center for Gender Studies in Medicine, the first of its kind in Germany.
The task of the Center is to promote gender studies within the research, teaching, and studies in the field of medicine at the university and to integrate the results of these studies into the medical education the university provides. Gender studies in medicine represent a new, innovative academic field that examines the biological bases for health and sickness, the effects of gender differences on the incidence and course of disease, and the role of gender in patient care. Other important topics in this field include sociological aspects of medicine, such as differences in perceptions of health and sickness by and about women and men, differences in the importance of preventive and curative approaches among women and men, and gender-specific aspects of new medical areas such as reproductive medicine and regenerative medicine (organ replacement).