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In November, 1981, the Academic Senate of Freie Universität resolved to establish the Center for the Promotion of Women’s and Gender Studies of Freie Universität Berlin. The Academic Senate went on to reinforce its position in 1993 by making the following statement in the Guidelines on the Promotion of Women (Frauenförderrichtlinien) (PDF file, 130 KB): “Freie Universität Berlin strives to expand and further develop women’s studies and research related to women. The methods and content of women’s studies are to become integral components of the teaching and research performed at Freie Universität Berlin” (Sec. 22 (1) of the Guidelines on the Promotion of Women).
Through the establishment of gender studies professorships, inclusion of these issues in research projects, and integration of gender studies into the higher education reformprocess, this field has become a significant element in the academic profile of Freie Universität, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. By establishing its own graduate program, the master’s program in Gender and Diversity Studies, Freie Universität additionally aims to attract working professionals and create opportunities for students to earn additional qualifications in this field.

Increased Emphasis on Gender Studies Aspects in Research in Medicine and the Sciences

The sciences still have some ground to make up in this regard, but the establishment of appropriate junior professorships is enhancing gender studies here as well. The Center for Gender Studies in Medicine (Zentrum Geschlechterforschung in der Medizin, GiM), established in 2003, takes a systematic approach to gender differences in medical research and teaching activities.