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Awards and Grants

The allocation of awards and grants is an important tool for the support and promotion of young women scholars and scientists, but it can be just as effective in the area of structural measures aimed to promote women or gender studies. Freie Universität grants three different awards.

At the Central University Level

The Margherita von Brentano Award is given to honor extraordinary individuals and projects that have rendered outstanding services to the fields of promotion of women or gender studies. Members of all status groups at the university are eligible for this award. At 11,000 euros, the Margherita von Brentano Award, which is granted annually by the university management of Freie Universität, is one of the highest endowed awards aimed at promotion of women in Germany.

At the Department Level

  • The Marie Schlei Award, granted by the Department of Education and Psychology, is given for outstanding qualification theses in the field of women’s studies and gender studies.
  • The Hedwig Hintze Award, from the Department of History and Cultural Studies, is granted to women for outstanding qualification theses.