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Promotion and Advancement through Qualifications

Because women are still underrepresented in the status group of professors and at the management level, Freie Universität pursues a number of different approaches to supporting women and promoting their advancement in order to rectify this imbalance. These programs are mainly designed by the gender equality officer in cooperation with the Commission for the Promotion of Young Women Scholars (KFN) and the local Women's Council. The women’s representatives and gender equality officers work with the university in a targeted fashion across three fields of action with the aim of promoting and supporting the academic qualifications of individual women scholars and scientists:

  • Special programs that assist and support women on their path to being appointed for positions,

  • Granting of awards to publicly honor special accomplishments in the fields of promotion of women and women’s studies, and

  • Broad-based continuing education offerings aimed at ensuring that female scholars and scientists have access to opportunities for obtaining high qualifications and enhancing their professional skills.

The results achieved by these measures are reviewed regularly so that they can be implemented in a targeted fashion, or further developed as needed, as sensible instruments used to support and promote women.