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At present, three different concepts in the area of promotion and support for women and girls are being evaluated.

C1/C2 Program

The evaluation of the C1/C2 Program is examining how the professional development of the approximately 80 participants was supported by this program and what influence programs for the promotion of women have on changing specific cultures within the disciplines with regard to gender discourse.

Girls’ Day

Drawing about 1,200 female elementary and secondary school students, Girls' Day has become a major event at Freie Universität. This evaluation examines the history of the event, the level of satisfaction of both participants and instructors, and the event’s significance with regard to the aim of achieving a difference in how these students perceive subject areas.

ProFiL Mentoring Program

The ProFiL Mentoring Program is based on the development of a concept for promoting women that relies not only on traditional mentoring, but also on the supplementary elements of training and networking. The evaluation aims to show the effects that have been and can be achieved both on the side of the mentee and the mentor.