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Dahlemer Frauensommer (Dahlem Women’s Summer Festival)

The repertoire of events organized and supported by the women’s representatives and gender equality officers includes the “Dahlemer Frauensommer” (Dahlem Women’s Summer Festival), initiated in 2003 to replace the Universitätsfrauentag (University Women's Day), which had been held since 1994. What was initially designed only as an informational event dealing with current topics for women at Freie Universität has now become a summer festival. The Dahlem Women’s Summer Festival offers not only cultural entertainment, in the form of music, literature, or fine arts, but also exciting discussions and discussion rounds and a delicious buffet. Since 2004, the proceeds of the raffle held at the event are donated to NAZO e. V. Hilfe für afghanische Frauen (Help for Afghan Women).