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Honorary Mention: „Studium im Feld: Methoden der Verhaltensforschung in Chimfunshi (Sambia)“

In der Auffangstation Chimfunshi in Sambia leben etwa 140 Affen. Das Jungtier Max ist einer von ihnen.
About 140 monkeys live in the Chimfunshi sanctuary in Zambia. Young Max is one of them. Image Credit: K. Liebal / D. Haun

Submitted by: Prof. Dr. Katja Liebal, Dr. Linda Scheider, Julia Keil, Kathrin Kopp, Manuela Lembeck, and Robert Ullrich, Comparative Developmental Psychology

Dr. Katja Liebal, a professor of comparative developmental psychology at Freie Universität, wants to introduce students to observational research in the field. With a group of young biologists and psychologists in the chimpanzee sanctuary Chimfunshi in Zambia in southern Africa, she aims to collect new data as well as to investigate the conditions under which research on apes is conducted.