For a Family-friendly University

The audit berufundfamilie (Work and Family Audit) is a tool to promote family-conscious personnel policy. It was developed in 1999 at the initiative of and on behalf of the nonprofit Hertie Foundation. Initially developed for private enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and public institutions, it was adapted for the specific needs of higher education institutions in 2001 and has been offered since then under the name audit familiengerechte hochschule (Family-friendly Higher Education Audit) as well.

Certification for Freie Universität Berlin

Utilizing family-friendly personnel and university policies to facilitate compatibility between work, studies, and family life is one of the central concerns of Freie Universität Berlin. With this in mind, the university decided in November, 2006, to undergo the audit familiengerechte hochschule. The audit was performed in the spring of 2007 and Freie Universität was granted the certificate for the familiengerechte hochschule audit on June 18, 2007.

Last Update: Jul 02, 2014