Research-Oriented Teaching 

DynAge has developed a strategy for Research-Oriented Teaching for graduate students of different disciplines. The pilot project “DynAge Forschungswerkstatt” was launched at the beginning of the winter term 2013/2014. A select group of master students has since been systematically involved in the work of three DynAge-funded project groups:              


1) Subjective cognitive impairments: A valid predictor for cognitive disorders?

(Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Niedeggen)

 2) Age-related interacting aspects of cancer care: Molecular profiles, personal goals, treatment adherence and social network structures

(Lecturer: Dr. Linda Parschau)


3) The role of actor interests for guideline development: Bridging guideline science with organization and management theory

(Lecturer: Dr. Lauri Wessel)

Students work with DynAge researchers on select subaims of DynAge projects. During the winter term 2013/2014 students actively contributed to project work, developed their own research questions, empirically investigated it, and will present their findings as posters during a poster session at the 2nd Annual DynAge Workshop on July 3rd 2014.

Students are continually supervised by project PIs and collaborating researchers, invited to participate in DynAge Special Interest Workshops and the Annual Dynage Workshop. Participating students receive course credits for their work. DynAge researchers may set their supervisory work off against their teaching duties. 

First impressions of the “DynAge Forschungswerkstatt”  were presented on the „Tag der Lehre“.

An overview of the Research-Oriented Teaching (in German) can be found here


"... dass es ein Ende mit mir haben muss. Vom guten Leben angesichts des Todes".

Prof. Dr. Stefan Gosepath and Prof. Dr. Matthias Remenyi, members of the Focus Area DynAge, organized a weekly open lecture series at the Freie Universität Berlin which started in summer 2014.

Offener Hörsaal: "... dass es ein Ende mit mir haben muss. Vom guten Leben angesichts des Todes"

When? Summer semester 2014, Tuesdays from 6.15 to 8.00 p.m.

Where? Habelschwerdter Allee 45, Berlin; Hörsaal 2

What? The program of the open lecture series can be downloaded here.

Please, find the flyer of the open lecture series here.