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Tendinopathy and age related metabolic diseases

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Tim Schulz (DIfE), Prof. Britt Wildemann (CUB, Berlin-Brandenburger Centrum für Regenerative Therapien), Prof. Sigmar Stricker (FUB, FB Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie) 

Collaborating Researchers: Dr. Delphine Duprez (UPMC Paris, France), Dr. med Sebastian Manegold (CUB), Dr. Susann Minkwitz (CUB), Prof. Dr. Markus Scheibel (CUB), Prof. Dr. Annette Schürmann (DIfE) 

Project Summary: Degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system are a major medical problem in the aged population. Tendinopathy is one of the disorders but has received limited attention so far. The goal of this research project is to gain first knowledge on the effect of age-related metabolic diseases on alterations of the tendon. We will combine the investigation of human tissue and cells with the investigation of well-established mouse models of age-related metabolic diseases and genetic lineage tracing.