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2. Sense and use of time

Prof. Dr. S. Gosepath (Principle Investigator FUB, FB Philosophie und Geisteswissenschaft)

Prof. Dr. A. Pezzutto (Principle Investigator CUB, Med. Klinik m. S. Hämatologie, Onkologie und Tumorimmunologie)


Collaborating Researchers: Prof. M. Reményi (FUB); Dr. S. Burkert (CUB); Dr. C. Leng (CUB); Prof. Dr. E. Steinhagen-Thiessen (CUB); Dr. K. Lohmann (FUB); PD Dr. F. Kendel (CUB); Prof. Dr. Denis Gerstorf (HUB); Dr. A. Reuter (FUB); Dipl.-Psych. Juliane Wissmann (CUB); PD Dr. Steffen Simon (Uniklinik Köln)

Project Summary

When confronted with incurable cancer diagnosis many patients fail to cope with the situation and miss the opportunity to “make the best out of the remaining time”. Within a multidisciplinary approach (oncology, philosophy, theology, psychology, geriatry, economy, public-health) we will:

Identify elements that help patients to develop a “positive” attitude, including age-specific prioritization of goals. Intervention fields will be identified.

Identify molecular markers associated with positive outcome.

Define implications for valuing time, life, and terminal life phases including their age-dependence in society.