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10. Age-dependent mechanisms of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) degeneration in osteoarthritis

Prof. Dr. P. Knaus (Principle Investigator FUB, FB Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie)

PD Dr. G. Schulze-Tanzil (Principle Investigator CUB, Klinik für Unfall- und Wiederherstellungschirurgie)

Collaborating Researchers: Prof. Dr. W. Ertel (CUB), Dr. K. Ruschke (FUB)


Project Summary

Anterior cruciate ligament degeneration might lead to joint instability and favour progression of osteoarthritis of the knee. However, it remains unclear, whether a dysregulation of complement and growth factors contributes to age- or OA-associated ACL degeneration. Therefore, the aim is to study regulation, activity and crosstalk of complement and TGFβ/ body morphogenetic protein (BMP) signalling in ACLs from patients of different ages suffering from OA.