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Siegfried Unseld Vorlesung

The Dahlem Humanities Center is inaugurating a new series of lectures, the Siegfried Unseld Vorlesung, which will take place each summer at the Freie Universität. The lectures are organized in cooperation with Suhrkamp Verlag in honor of Siegfried Unseld, one of the most influential publishers in post-war Germany, and will be given by prominent authors and intellectuals who have a particular commitment to the publishing house and its program. The series will focus upon topics such as the relationship between literature on the one hand and society, politics and contemporary history on the other, and on interactions between literature, religion and myth; however, the final choice of subject lies with the individual lecturer.

The lecture series aims to contribute to the public dialogue between literature, media and the humanities, and to augment the university’s role as a forum for intellectual exchange between the arts and academia.

Each lecture will be followed by a workshop, at which selected PhD candidates and students at the Freie Universität will have the opportunity of engaging in intensive discussion with the guest speaker.

Former Siegfried Unseld Vorlesungen have been held by:

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