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Processes of Cultural Transformation

Photo: David Ausserhofer

Research on concrete cultural change from a historical perspective generally has to address the question of how the cultural field is perceived and characterized in different eras and areas and the extent to which these distinctions are subject to historical transformation.

From this follows the systematic question of which aspects of human practice have been conceived as malleable and thus subject to transformation in different periods. Furthermore, the analysis of carefully selected comparative cases will lead to the development of a more precise understanding of the different structures and modalities of processes of cultural transformation.

Research pursued under this heading will concentrate on the study of “Europe” as a geographical and historical entity from the Middle Ages to the present. This limitation and the risks it entails will be subject to continuous reflection and will be balanced by ongoing exchange with the other research areas. Due to its general character, the work to be conducted within this research area is fundamental for all other research endeavors.


This research area is primarily supported by the following interdisciplinary research alliances: