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Freie Universität Berlin seeks mentors

Exchange between Generations Image Credit: Tom Maelsa

Freie Universität is the first higher education institution in Berlin to supplement the financial support provided by the Deutschlandstipendium with intellectual support as well. The university has offered a mentoring program for scholarship recipients since the start of the funding program. Working within a one-year tandem arrangement, students receive support for the transition from studying to working life and help with their academic and career planning.

Opportunities for mentees

Through dialogue with a person who has professional experience, students receive the following:

  • Support in aligning their study programs and career planning
  • Development of concrete goals and strategies for their own life paths
  • Identification of their own skills and abilities
  • A chance to get to know structures and processes in working life

Benefits for mentors

The program offers various opportunities for mentors:

  • Reflecting on their own abilities and professional careers
  • Strengthening management and advising skills through new impetus, fresh perspectives, and feedback from students
  • Sharing experiences with students
  • Forging ties and engaging in dialogue with the younger generation and other mentors
  • Participating in individual support for junior talent and in sharing of knowledge and experience

General conditions

Mentoring tandems are required to meet in person at least four times during the period from April 2015 through April 2016. In addition, further contact can take place by e-mail, Skype, or phone. Additional meetings are also possible, of course. Meetings are arranged individually between the tandem partners.

The mentoring program is accompanied by workshops that prepare both mentors and mentees for their roles within the mentoring relationship and give them an opportunity to reflect on the mentoring process through dialogue with other mentoring tandems.

Schedule of events

An introductory workshop for all mentors is tentatively scheduled for early May.


Please contact the following if you have any questions about the mentoring program:

Ms. Anne Mbakwe:, +49 (0)30 838 73 660