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Future from the Very Beginning

Präsident Alt Bernd Wannenmacher
Prof. Dr. Peter André Alt. Quelle: Bernd Wannenmacher

University president Dr. Peter-André Alt on the Deutschlandstipendium at Freie Universität Berlin

“I am delighted that the Deutschlandstipendium is giving Freie Universität the opportunity to provide its especially gifted students with additional support. Supporting and cultivating next-generation talent is not only a key part of our institutional strategy, which brought Freie Universität distinction in the Excellence Competition; we also see it as a commitment and an obligation arising from our university’s history.

After all, it was primarily young students who, back in 1948, provided the impetus for the establishment of a free and democratic university in what was then Berlin’s western sector through their committed efforts. There was support then, too. Freie Universität would probably not exist today if it had not been for the generous donations received from the United States of America, but also from many engaged Berlin residents.

With all the help we received, we hope to be able to give something back as well. The new scholarship program gives us the chance to offer outstanding young people a way to finance their studies. But to do that, we need your support again today. We can only award scholarships if we work with you. I firmly believe that our shared financial investment will pay off. After all, there is no better way to invest money than in educating the next generation of highly qualified talent.”


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt
President of Freie Universität Berlin