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Freie Universität is the preferred university to do a doctorate in Germany. In the Excellence Initiative, Freie Universität stood out with its excellent opportunities for young researchers to do their PhD as well as receive funding for it.

If you are interested in doing your doctorate at Freie Universität, you may choose from two possibilities: The so-called individual doctorate on the one hand and structured doctoral programs on the other.

The Individual Doctorate

The individual doctorate still represents the most common pathway to the PhD in Germany. Prospective students should independently seek the acceptance for supervision by their preferred professor.

If you are interested in an individual doctorate, please contact the New Delhi Office.

Structured Doctoral Programs

Doctoral degree programs differ from individual doctorate in both the formal frame of the PhD studies, and the social as well as the integration of the PhD candidates into the scientific community. Outstanding doctoral degree programs are comprised under the umbrella of Dahlem Research School, the Center for Junior Researchers. All participants in the DRS programs benefit from financial support, interdisciplinary courses, as well as systematic support for career planning. The Welcome Centre organizes an orientation week for new students. Numerous structural doctoral programs publish separate calls for funding. For more information, please contact the New Delhi Office.

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Please also read the general information on doctoral studies at Freie Universität.