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Cultural Relations between India and Latin America

  • Project leader: Prof. Dr. Susanne Klengel : Chair of Latin American Literatures and Cultures, ZI Lateinamerika-Institut / Institute ofLatin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

Research Project on Cultural Relations between India and Latin America: Since 2011 we are working on literary, cultural and intellectual South-South relations between Latin America and India. Our project situates itself in the context of the current discussion of the new global players in the “South” and the increasing significance of post-colonial theories understood as a critical revision of the constitution of knowledge in the “West”. The envisaged goal of the project is a systematic investigation of the numerous and complex inter-relationships that, in contrast to the often explored economic and political ties, have hitherto been only rarely and sporadically studied. The symposium aims at a re-mapping of the processes of cultural transfer and “translation” and a deeper reflection on the sometimes closely meshed spaces of knowledge production.

 We have organized several academic events: