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Impact of Mathura on Religious Iconography

  • Project leader: Prof. Dr. Monika Zin: temporary Head of Department, Art of South Asia, Institute of Art History

  • In honour of Herbert Härtel. Workshop in preparation of a bilateral project researching the position of Mathura in the formation of religious image types in Indian art.

In April 2014 a workshop of the Dept. of South Asian Art History with Indian colleagues from various universities (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi; Delhi University; Sagour University), museums and the Archaeological Survey of India will take place at Berlin. All participants are specialists for the art and archaeology of the historic region around the city of Mathura/U.P. The focus of the workshop will be on the role Mathura played in the development of the iconography of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religious imagery and its technological, stylistic and iconographical impact on the art of other schools of sculpture in India and other parts of Asia. The workshop that is supported by the DFG will serve as a starting point for a long-term cooperation project between Indian and German researchers; both the workshop and the long-term project involve a number of young scholars and PhD students from both countries.The project shall lead to a thorough revision of older research positions; it will include the insufficiently published archaeological finds of the last decades from the region and will address new strands of research by correlating archaeological and art historical approaches to create a denser, more diversified image of the art of Mathura and its impact on the art of India and neighboring areas.