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Recipients of scholarships, grants and fellowships

To ensure that obtaining further qualifications and education is compatible with family responsibilities, some providers of scholarships, grants, and fellowships offer extra options such as a family supplement, part-time aid, or extended aid periods.

It is important to note that there are no standard rules. Detailed and binding information on the extent to which parenting is taken into account within the scope of a scholarship, grant, or fellowship is only available from the foundations or institutions (such as the doctoral training group or graduate school) with which the scholar or scientist is affiliated for his/her research.

Support options

The research support team provides information on support options for graduates and postdocs on its website.

Part-time scholarships, grants, and fellowships

Recipients of scholarships, grants, and fellowships who decide to study part-time based on family responsibilities should contact their sponsor to see whether the period for which the aid has been granted will be extended. When deciding whether to study part-time, please bear in mind that the monthly aid amount may be reduced. If the scholarship, grant, or fellowship is suspended due to parental leave, the junior scholar or scientist is fundamentally entitled to parental benefits. For specific information on parental benefits for recipients of scholarships, grants, and fellowships, please contact the relevant parental benefits office.


Freie Universität has a block of 13 placements at the nursery school operated by the Studentenwerk Berlin student union at Freie Universität Berlin for the children of visiting scholars and scientists. This block of placements is maintained in order to provide full-day childcare without a lot of bureaucratic hassle to start out. As a basic principle, registering for day care for children in Berlin is handled at the district youth welfare offices (Bezirksjugendämter) through the childcare voucher system.