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Preferential registration for seminars

Students who have children (up to the age of 12 years) or other family members who require care may be given preferential admission to courses and internships with limited space. Since students' family status cannot be taken into account in the university's computer systems, students cannot claim preferential registration themselves via Campus Management. Students falling within this group are asked to state their preferences to the relevant examinations office in writing and as early as possible, meaning before placements in courses are allocated. The office to contact is the examinations office for the department that offers the module in question. For modules in the area of subject-specific education, you can also contact the Center for Teacher Training. The examinations office will then perform the registration in Campus Management.

An event called "Students with Children" is held every winter semester to provide information on preferential registration for seminars, organizing and financing a study program, childcare vouchers and allocation of childcare placements.