Dual Career

Dual Career Service at Freie Universität Berlin

The Dual Career Service supports the life partners of newly appointed professors at Freie Universität Berlin in starting a career in Berlin.

With an individualized range of support options geared toward the needs and requirements of specific dual-career couples, we offer a comprehensive advising service on potential positions in the Berlin professional landscape and potential sources of childcare.

Based on our contacts and cooperative relations with regional research institutions, the Berlin senate departments, and partners from the private sector, life partners can receive targeted support in starting out in their desired career or finding a position.

For dual-career couples that also need childcare placements, the Dual Career Service & Family Service makes it possible to have children admitted to the nursery school operated by the Studentenwerk student union at Freie Universität Berlin quickly and without a lot of bureaucratic hassle.


General services offered:

  • Personal advising and regular contact by e-mail and phone
  • Help with finding a position
  • Position search and referrals to potential employers
  • Inquiries sent to potential employers, including letters of support where applicable
  • Cooperating with other institutions and service bodies within and outside the university
  • Information on the regional childcare and school landscape
  • Help with finding the right childcare situation and school
  • Information on the Berlin childcare voucher system



Nadine Schröder
Dual Career & Family Service
Tel.: 030-838-70633
Fax.: 030-838-470633
E-Mail: dcfam-service@fu-berlin.de