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Orientation events

Freie Universität Berlin welcomes numerous new students every summer and winter semester. Since most of the new arrivals on campus come in the winter semester, various events geared toward first-semester students are held in the first week around the start of the semester. These orientation days and weeks are an opportunity for new students to get their bearings, settle in, find information, and make initial contacts.

The Dual Career & Family Service is represented at many orientation events, providing first-semester students with information on balancing studies and family life. Many students start out this new phase in their lives already having family obligations. Others may have children before they finish their study programs, or other family members may begin to need care. The Dual Career & Family Service is a good point of contact to find out what kinds of options are available to students with family responsibilities in these cases.

For an overview of current information on events for first-semester students, please click here.