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Succesful re-auditing as a "family-friendly higher education institution"

In 2013, Freie Universität Berlin once again received the "audit familiengerechte hochschule" certificate from berufundfamilie gGmbH. Freie Universität Berlin had already received the base certificate back in 2007.

Family-friendly engagement in arranging study conditions and personnel policy distinguishes Freie Universität Berlin as a certified higher education institution. One of the first measures taken back in 2007 was to establish the Family Support Center – now the Dual Career & Family Service – to act as a central point of contact and coordinating body. Measures that stand for improved compatibility of studying and family responsibilities include preferential registration for seminars, the expansion of the e-learning options offered, and the ability to attend courses and complete programs even when students are on leave to care for a child or other family member who needs care. For employees of Freie Universität Berlin, everyday working and family life is more compatible thanks to the option to work from home on an alternating basis and the free emergency childcare offered for employees. Freie Universität Berlin aims to further boost its appeal as an employer by consolidating this family-conscious corporate culture.

Within the scope of its re-audit as a family-friendly higher education institution, Freie Universität Berlin has set out to maintain the quality standards of its family-friendly measures and services and further expand them in the next three years. The university plans to arrange working hours to be even more flexible, for example through job sharing models. Freie Universität Berlin wishes to raise awareness of the situations of its employees and students with family members who require care and to develop and improve support options designed for them. For students with families, the university plans to review the possibility of a "care card" with various ways of offsetting disadvantages. In addition, Freie Universität Berlin is interested in ensuring that part-time employment becomes more widely accepted in both academic and non-academic areas, thereby ensuring compliance with the prohibition on discrimination that is associated with this.