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Freie Universität with Children Working Group

The Freie Universität mit Kind (Freie Universität with Children) working group has existed since 1992. The working group is composed of representatives of the Freie Universität Berlin nursery school, the student union, the chief gender equality officer and the women’s representatives and gender equality officers of the individual departments as well as the Dual Career & Family Service of Freie Universität Berlin.

Goals and Activities

The working group meets regularly to discuss questions of how to improve matters where family life intersects with day-to-day campus life and to seek solutions to specific problems. Topics addressed by the working group in the past have included the university-specific aspects of childcare, such as providing care options during non-peak periods and/or examination phases, and the group developed suggestions that were used in making plans for the nursery school. In addition, the working group has discussed and developed models used to organize studies and examinations to be family-friendly. The working group also functioned in an advisory and supporting capacity during the process of shifting the sponsorship of the nursery school, from Freie Universität Berlin itself to the Berlin student union, in 2005.

The next item on the agenda for the Freie Universität mit Kind working group is to work on ensuring that the dining halls are more family-friendly.

audit familiengerechte hochschule (Family-friendly Higher Education Audit)

One of the most recent projects pursued by the Freie Universität mit Kind working group was its participation in the audit familiengerechte hochschule (Family-friendly Higher Education Audit). The working group provided advice in fields including actions to take with regard to the study situation of parents, childcare options, and putting together advising and counseling services for members of the faculty, staff, and student body of Freie Universität Berlin who have families.

Information for Students with Children

Another project operated by the Freie Universität mit Kind working group is the regular informational event, held at the beginning of each winter semester, for students with children. At the event, the appropriate contact people introduce themselves and give the audience initial tips on how to organize and finance their studies while parenting. If audience members wish to do so, they can also register in a mailing list and use the list to get in touch with other students and to obtain and share information on this topic on an ongoing basis