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Enabling the Iranian Gas Export Options. The Destiny of iranian Energy Relations in a Tripolar Struggle over Energy Security and Geopolitics

Kuhn 2014
Kuhn 2014

Maximilian Kuhn – 2014

Maximilian Kuhn investigates one of the most pressing, yet neglected subjects in the field of global energy politics: the integration of the Iranian gas market. Possessing the world’s second-largest proven natural gas reserves, Iran is a hypothetical energy giant-in-waiting. Yet over three decades of internal divisions, coupled with crippling international sanctions, have left Iran unable to capitalize on its vast energy potential. Increasing global demand for natural gas and a government in constant need of finding new sources of revenue to meet the needs of a fast-growing population should lead Iran to eventually become a large-scale gas exporter. How this could take place and what the implications for global gas markets would be are the central research questions tackled by this study. The study allows a look beyond international politics, Iranian political decision-making, investment laws, and pipeline games. Contents · Evolution of the global natural gas market · Iran’s political system, institutions, and power structure · Iran’s energy policy and energy decision making · Iran’s contractual and legal framework for foreign investments · International relations

Kuhn, M. (2014): Enabling the Iranian Gas Export Options
Maximilian Kuhn
Springer VS