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M.A. Sevinj Mammadova


PhD Candidate

Sevinj Mammadova, M.A., holds a B.A in International Relations from the Slavic University and a M.A. from the Khazar University in Baku, Azerbaijan. She studied at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and achieved a M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies. She gained manifold work experiences at the Institute for European Policy in Berlin and by attending the DAAD program „Conflict Prevention in the Regions of South Caucasus, Central Asia and Moldau“. Her research interests focus on the European Neighbourhood Policy, as well as conflict and on security issues linked with the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Since summer term 2010 she is graduating within the framework of CREES.

Her dissertation topic is „Pipeline Policies and Regional Security in the Caspian Region“.